Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a home gathering for friends, a corporate drop-off, meeting or corporate event, Occasional Occasions by Carlton can help you do it, with southern hospitality and style. Specializing in intimate events ranging from 30 to 150 guests we orchestrate sophisticated soirées that you’ll want to write home about. Our Mission is to strive to fill our guests up with an appetizer of unforgettable style, an entrée of memorable cuisine and a sweet dessert of great customer service…in the anticipation that they will come back and ask for seconds.

Offering upscale, boutique-style, full-service catering services for your private, corporate, or non-profit affair, Occasional Occasions by Carlton will make your Occasional Occasion truly memorable.


“Wow…. Being that I’m in the catering industry myself I’m very picky and hard on certain things. Let’s just say that Occasional Ocassions blew my mind and challenged me to make changes in my own business. I will go on record and say that this will be the ONLY catering company I use when I’m doing business in the Atlanta area. Job well done Mr Brown.”

Jonathan Hatcher

Awarded LGBT Veteran’s Business Enterprise of the Year 2018, 2019

From Carlton's Journal:

A Thanksgiving cooking tip

Here is an awesome Thanksgiving cooking tip that I learned TOTALLY BY MISTAKE years ago and haven’t deviated from it since. So if any of you know my back story (you can view it on the website at bonappetityallbycarlton.com/about-us), I wasn’t born with a wooden spoon in my mouth. You would think that since I grew up with a mother who was a home economics teacher, and my father who was a cook in the United States Marines that I would have picked up a few tricks on the way. NOPE. LOL. Read more…

Bon Appetit Y’all by Carlton

Bon Appetit Y'all by CarltonAlthough Bon Appetit Y’all by Carlton, was officially launched on 1 July 2020, many of you would be surprised to know that Bon Appetit Y’all was actually birthed on 9/15/13. Yep…almost 7 years ago. Back then however, it wasn’t called Bon Appetit Y’all. It was actually named after my mother and called ‘Hilda Brewer Brown”. Ironically enough, during that period I was also the co-owner of “Hilda’s…A Breakfast to Write Home About”, which was a breakfast brunch spot in the Irwin Street Market in the Old Forth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta GA. Read more…

Curbside Cuisines

Curbside CuisinesHey Guys I hope this finds you safe and well during these crazy times. It’s a challenging time for everyone as we face so many unknowns. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we face challenges that are a bit different than others. Those of us in the catering and hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable and feeling the pressure as events and meetings get canceled during the pandemic. I asked myself, what I could do to help during this time. I want to be of service AND keep my business afloat. The answer I came up with is to help with the demand and need for home-delivered meals. You still have to eat and having delicious and tasty food during this time is very important. You and your loved ones have to stay healthy and fit. That being said, I’m launching a division of my company called "Curbside Cuisines". So many people are staying home and still have a desire to support their local business, so here’s a way for you to do just that. Read more…

If you missed the live episodes of Cooking with Chef Carlton – stay tuned – we will be posting them soon on our YouTube channel. Meanwhile check out the recipes here!