Whether it’s an intimate gathering for friends or a grand gala for many, Occasional Occasions by Carlton can help you do it, with southern hospitality and style. Our Mission is to strive to fill our guests up with an appetizer of unforgettable style, an entrée of memorable cuisine and a sweet dessert of great customer service…in anticipation that they will come back, and ask for seconds.

Offering boutique-style catering services for your private, corporate, or non-profit affair, Occasional Occasions by Carlton will make your Occasional Occasion truly memorable.


Occasional Occasions by Carlton

“Wow…. Being that I’m in the catering industry myself I’m very picky and hard on certain things. Let’s just say that Occasional Ocassions blew my mind and challenged me to make changes in my own business. I will go on record and say that this will be the ONLY catering company I use when I’m doing business in the Atlanta area. Job well done Mr Brown.”

Jonathan Hatcher

Listed as Best Caterer in Atlanta Tribune  Best of Atlanta 2017

From Carlton's Journal:

It’s a Slam Dunk!

slamdunkSo a funny (yet incredible) thing happened. I received a call from a catering company in DC. They were in search of a local catering company in the Atlanta market that they could partner with for an ongoing project. Amongst other achievements, this company provides in-flight meals for teams like… The Washington Wizards, The Sixers, Detroit Pistons, New York Rangers, The Sox, Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and so on, and so on, Well… long story short, they asked us… Read more…