CateringStone keeps food hot and cold without ice, electricity or open flame.

CateringStoneYour guests deserve the very best. Each joyous wedding reception, milestone corporate event, or special occasion dinner is a once in a lifetime celebration that will be remembered forever. Each tiny detail is important.

Now, you can offer your guests a truly unique opportunity to create a spectacular buffet display without the need for messy, melting ice baths, trailing electrical cords, or unattractive cans of potentially scorching open flame. It’s CateringStone.


CateringStone gives Occasional Occasions the ability to keep hot food hot and cold foods cold without the use of electricity, open flame, or ice. And, CateringStone has greatly expanded an already expansive menu. Clients with challenging venues such as museums, art galleries, or office buildings can now enjoy a full complement of delicious hot and cold options, without the need for messy ice, trailing electrical cords, or often prohibited open flame.

Being a boutique-style catering company, with a medium sized truck, one of my main concerns is always transporting, loading and storage. CateringStone has revolutionized the amount of equipment that I have to take to a party, leaving me much more flexibility for other crucial items. Besides that, the presentation of the CateringStone is beautiful and adds to the elegant presentation that I’m known for.
Chef Carlton A. Brown

Watch how Occasional Occasions puts the CateringStone to work:

CateringStone from Dazzle Photography / DP Studios on Vimeo.

Carlton BrownCateringStone

Chef Carlton A. Brown, has joined the CateringStone team as the exclusive representative for the state of Georgia, to learn more request a product demo here:



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