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Cooking with Chef Carlton

The wait is over! Cooking with Chef Carlton (6 episodes) on AIB is airing weekly, and we couldn’t be more excited to see our favorite Chef in action! Will you watch with us? Here’s how:

You can watch via https://aibtv.com/cookingwithcarlton/ in real time! AIB is also on Comcast 295 an on ATT-Uverse 6. The show premiered on July 17th, and the shows will run through August 21st. We will be sharing the recipes from each episode on our website “cookingwithchefcarlton.com” after each episode is the premiered.

Each of the 6 episodes (28 minute) will air for 1 week each, for 6 weeks total. The airing times per week are as follows:

• Mondays at 12:00 pm
• Tuesdays at 11:30pm
• Wednesdays at 6:30pm
• Thursdays at 10:00am
• Saturday at 7:30pm

If you missed the live episodes of Cooking with Chef Carlton – stay tuned – we will be posting them soon on our YouTube channel. Meanwhile check out the recipes here!

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