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Father’s Day by Christopher Fitzpatrick

Hello, this is Christopher Fitzpatrick, Corporate Chef, Occasional Occasions by Carlton

Can I get personal with you? Phases of a Father…decision maker, coach, advisor

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and as I reflect on this incredibly special day, I am reminded that being a father is one of the most humbling experiences and it is a full-time 24-7; 365-day job. As a father, we are faced with situations outside of our control. Some of these situations require us to seek strength from a higher power outside of ourselves. I recall when my sons were young, I made life decisions for them…from sunup to sundown. As they got older and matured into their teenage years, I did not have that kind of control to make all the decisions for them. I remember having a conversation with both of my sons and in that conversation, I heard the most frightening words from them, “Dad let me go, I got this.” Talk about a humbling experience because I knew they were right. I had to allow them to leave the nest, because I had been training them to strengthen their wings to fly. At this point, my job was to be their coach and to help them make the necessary changes that would help them grow into manhood.


This framed artwork has been hanging in my office since my sons were in daycare. They may not reach for me as often as they used to, but it is a daily reminder that when they do reach out that I want to be there for them.

My sons are 21 years old now…young men and our conversations and interactions are much different. My job is now that of an advisor because they have specific questions that they come to me for answers. They now invite me out for a meal and the beautiful thing about that is that they pay the check. However, I remain Dad and Pops…and a Father. That is the greatest title that I will ever have, and I am so proud of it.

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