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Flea Market treasures

I was recently on a trip driving to Lexington Kentucky to spend a couple of days with my business coach and some of her other clients for a “work on your business” forum. If you hadn’t driven from Atlanta to Kentucky, it is really a beautiful and breathtaking drive. I wanted to stop several times just to take some incredibly gorgeous pictures, and to take in all of Gods glory. I was about 2 hours into my 5.5-hour trip, and I started to feel a little sleepy behind the wheel, so I figured I’d stop for a few minutes just to revive myself. So ½ hour further into my drive, I saw this sign that caught my attention, and I figured that this was a good enough excuse to stop and stretch my legs.
So many of my clients are amazed at some of the décors that we come up with for some of our table displays and our events. Well, truth be told, I’m always looking for inspiration wherever I go, but one place that I always find fascinating is a good ole fashion flea market. So why did I just so happen to run into a flea market in Sweet Water Tennesee that was four football fields long with over 800 booths? Ok, I said my stop would be a few minutes, but who’s kidding who here!
I was like a kid in a candy store, and I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I came across some interesting pieces that I just had to rescue. They looked lonely for Christ’s sake. I found three suitcases that would be a great backdrop for a going away party, or for a more sophisticated library feel surrounded with bounded hardback books. I also found a very interesting turn of the 19th-century baby carriage that I hope to dress up for a baby shower theme. I also came across a little toy wagon (could also be used in a baby shower scenario or some other idea that I haven’t created yet. And finally, I found some cool, very old kitchen utensils that would be great for a Sunday brunch display. The kitchen items are a flour sifter, two manual can openers, a hand mixer, a rolling pin, a very cool toaster, coffee pot, and the mother of all items was the antique waffle iron. OMG, I was in heaven.
Now, of course, I don’t get all of my items at an antique shop, but you can find some fun things at a flea market. Can’t wait until my next trip to Lexington again.

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