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Pork Rinds and Mountain Dew

Chef Christopher and I recently took a short trip to Nashville, Tennessee. We were there for a few days, but the pre and post-trip to Nashville was as typical as any road trip we usually take.

You see, I have an odd ritual, and I don’t know how it all started. It goes back to my early 20s, and I just recently turned 65, so it has been a ritual of over 45 years.

Right after high school, I went into the United States Air Force. After basic training, the first base that I was assigned to was Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta was a 7-hour drive to my hometown of Jacksonville, North Carolina. So, I made many trips up and down the highway from Valdosta to Jacksonville, NC.

Oddly enough, I would always start my trip by stopping at a convenience store and picking up a bag of BBQ Pork Rinds and a Mountain Dew. That was and still is my road trip snack of choice. The weird part is that you would rarely see me eat Pork Rinds or drink Mountain Dew if I was not in a car on a long-distance drive.

I still, to this day, don’t even know how or why that combination ever came about, but it is embedded in my DNA from here to eternity.

Pork Rinds and Mountain Dew, anyone?

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