Individual Meal


If you will not be home at time of delivery and can not have a cooler out for your order to be placed in, we highly suggest purchasing a cooler bag with ice packs (listed under “You may also like”) for your delivery.

Individual meal – (3 selections of two servings each)

Select 3 entrees from the choices below, you can choose multiples of your favorite. (for example- 2 Pesto Pasta with Chicken and 1 Chicken Alfredo Lasagna) Each selection serves two portions of that item.

Want to add a beverage, side or dessert?   Order Your Sides Here

Click each Meal Choice Box below to display the choices and select your meal.

For a larger view, description, and ingredients, select an item and click the box on the right.

Meal choice 1
Meal choice 2
Meal choice 3

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