30 years in business

It’s a Slam Dunk!

So a funny (yet incredible) thing happened. I received a call from a catering company in DC. They were in search of a local catering company in the Atlanta market that they could partner with for an ongoing project. Amongst other achievements, this company provides in-flight meals for teams like… The Washington Wizards, The Sixers, Detroit Pistons, New York Rangers, The Sox, Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and so on, and so on, Well… long story short, they asked us… “Occasional Occasions by Carlton”, to provide the in-flight meal for the Wizards’ home trip. We’ll be back at it again on the Dec 18th providing a post-game meal for the players in their locker rooms as well as their in-flight meal returning home! Their (and our) goal is to have us as their go-to provider!

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