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Spotlight: Ms. Tiana Chang

Ms. Tiana Chang, owner of Oh So Pretti Events, brings a wealth of experience as Events Director with Occasional Occasions by Carlton. Tiana hails from Malvern, Jamaica; however, she relocated to Georgia with family at the early age of 8. Ms. Chang’s journey in event planning began at the tender age of 11 years old at which time she began to organize family dinners in Ballground, GA. Tiana’s early passion led to her first job working for a flower shop in the Marietta area during high school. After high school Tiana went on to study Accounting at Miles College in Birmingham, AL. Following her graduation from Miles College with an Accounting degree, Tiana began her professional career with Regus, immersing herself as a project manager in the hospitality industry across the US and Canada. In 2015, after a decade of dedicated service, Tiana made the pivotal decision to part ways with Regus to embark on the entrepreneurial path, founding her very own events company, ‘Oh So Pretti Events’.

With over two decades of combined professional and personal expertise, “Oh So Pretti Events” became the natural choice for Ms. Tiana Chang. It’s the place where she seamlessly blends her passion for planning, design, and her career. Oh So Pretti’s mission is to craft unforgettable moments, evident in the joyous faces of satisfied clients at the conclusion of each event. In 2016, just a year into launching Oh So Pretti Events, Tiana decided to expand her business by partnering with local catering companies in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. During this period, Ms. Chang collaborated with several local chefs, including The Savory Plates’ own Chef Christopher Fitzpatrick.

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