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Thanksgiving Turkey Secret

If you’re looking for something a little different for your Thanksgiving dinner, consider our herb roasted turkey with chardonnay gravy. It is incredible. I’ll tell you a little secret that you can use in preparing your own turkey this season. I actually discovered this method by pure accident many years ago. My parents were coming to Atlanta for Thanksgiving many years ago when I just started trying to expand my cooking skills. I decided to step up to the plate and offer to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Mind you, I still had not reached my pinnacle in cooking at that point, but non-the less, I was committed. I researched several recipes on “How to Cook a Turkey”. I pulled all of the “Innards” out, seasoned the turkey and popped it in the oven. I basted it and cooked it just in time to pull it out the oven right when my mother arrived to town and walked in the house. I was so proud of myself. My mother looked at the turkey, and paused. Her exact words were “what the….” I was perplexed. What was wrong. She said “Boy…you cooked the turkey upside down” I replied, no Mother Dear (that’s what I grew up calling my mother) the instructions said to” cook the turkey breast side up”. (You know you’re’ not a great cook when you don’t even know where the breast is on the turkey). LOL. Her response, was “you’re right son, but you cooked it breast side down”. I was so upset that I messed up (or so I thought), but we forged on with the turkey and dinner. When we finally carved the turkey, I tell you that the breast was so moist it was crazy. Even my mother commented on how juicy and tender the breast was, and secretly I think she started preparing her turkey the same way. After that, it was always turkey upside down to ensure a moist and juicy breast.

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