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The importance of feedback

A week ago, I went to a local tire and maintenance shop here in Atlanta for a routine oil change. I’ve taken my vehicles to this shop for close to 10 years, for minor maintenance work, and have been very satisfied with their services overall. Over the past year, I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of their work. I had been such a regular, that they knew me by name when I would come in. It wasn’t long before I realized that the lull in customer service and quality of work only happened when the long-time manager had been assigned to another location. When I went in Saturday, I asked for the following: an oil change, tire pressure check and to top off the fluids. I received my vehicle back that morning and left the premises. A couple of days later I looked at the sticker that they put on your windshield to remind you of your next due oil change. It was the same label that was there prior to their (supposed) oil change. I then did further investigation and noticed that a couple of my tires were still low in pressure. The following Saturday I went back to the shop to address the issues and at that time I honestly was not 100% certain that any or all of the things that I had paid for had actually been done. If they can’t change the oil reminder sticker, and put air in the tires, what else had they not done.

The moral of the story is: True enough, no one is perfect, and I know things can happen. Lord knows in the catering industry there are so many variables that keep you on your toes. At Occasional Occasions, we are proactive. One of the things that Occasional Occasions does after every event is to reach out to our clients to get their feedback on their services. That is the only way that we can truly grow and improve our business. Getting their honest feedback and coming up with ways to overcome any issues that may have occurred, lets your customer know that you truly value them. If something does go wrong, at least they are more likely to feel that you really do care and that can make all the difference in the world.

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