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This Trick Guarantees Berries Will Last Longer in the Fridge


Here's how to know your berries' shelf life before leaving the store.

Discovering the shelf life of your berries before leaving the store can save you from the disappointment of finding moldy fruit when you open them at home. It's frustrating to think about whether you'll have enough time to enjoy those delicious berries before they spoil. Thankfully, TikTok has come to the rescue with a tried and tested method to spare you from the "berry blues." To avoid wasting your grocery money and food, try this straightforward trick during your next visit to the produce section.

The Number One Trick for Buying Berries

To determine the freshness of the berries, simply invert the carton and check if any berries adhere to the absorbent pad at the bottom. If they do, it indicates that the berries are starting to deteriorate, and you should choose another carton. Conversely, if none sticks, congratulations! The berries are at their peak freshness and will remain in your refrigerator for a longer period.
This method is effective because it enables you to identify any bruised or burst berries, particularly those at the bottom of the carton, which may have occurred during packaging and transportation.
The purpose of the white, sponge-like pad in the carton is to absorb excess moisture. However, if squashed berries have already saturated it with fruit juice, the pad will be ineffective in preventing mold growth. Once mold appears, it can quickly spread throughout the entire box.
Mold and moisture are the primary adversaries that fresh berries face. Therefore, taking every possible precaution to avoid these factors will extend the shelf life of your produce.
How to Store Berries for Peak Freshness

To prevent spoilage, you can take a few additional measures before placing the berry carton in your refrigerator. Start by soaking the berries in a mixture of cold water and vinegar to eliminate any mold. Clean the clamshell container they came in (remember to remove the absorbent pad), and then line it with fresh paper towels. Thoroughly dry the berries using a new towel or paper towel, then place them back into the clamshell before storing them in the fridge.
Following these steps when purchasing and storing your summer fruit, you can ensure that your berries will remain fresh for breakfast throughout the next week.