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My Adventures at Tuck School of Business

I applied for, and was awarded a full scholarship to attend “Building a High-Performing Business” at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College this past November. My scholarship was due to the generosity of Tuck School of Business and Wells Fargo. Tuck is known for its distinctive educational model and the professors truly stood up to its reputation. Founded in 1900, the Tuck School was the first institution in the world to offer a master’s degree in business administration.

There were 54 incredible diverse minority businesses that were represented in the program. The businesses came from all four corners of the U.S. and represented every business type imaginable ranging from; catering, to spin cycling classes, to language interpreting to providing bolts to GM car manufacturing.

The course was a full five and a half days of intense, strategy, philosophy and concept, and covered such topics as Accounting, Marketing, Digital Intelligence, Supplier Diversity, HR and Employee Relations and so much more. The instructors and Professors were incredible and top-notch. I’ve had accounting classes before and never enjoyed it, but the Professor who taught the accounting section made it relatable and sort of fun if you can imagine.

I would have to say that outside of all the great education that was provided, the bond that was created between these 54 companies was amazing. I’ve left Dartmouth with friends and colleagues that I won’t soon forget. This experience for me was mind changing. It gave me new energy and a sense of hope that I’ve not experienced before, just knowing that I’m not on this entrepreneurial walk all by myself and that the problems I have aren’t just my problems and I’m not in this march alone. And the cherry on the top of all of this is…I am now an Ivy League Grad. 🙂

Tuck School of BusinessTuck School of BusinessTuck School of BusinessTuck School of Business

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